our team

Our Team

We have a leadership team,  research assistants, coordinators and biostatisticians and anthropologists who are here to meet your project needs.  We have experts in program evaluation, qualitative research methodologies, and ethnography who are available for consultation.

Our staff is currently working with teams at Sick Kids, Holland Bloorview, St. Michael’s Hospital, UHN and Sunnybrook Hospital.

No project is too big, nor too small! Whether you need us for 20 hours or 20 weeks, we are here to make your workload easier.

Allia, President (M.A.)

Allia Karim specializes in qualitative research in the healthcare and education fields. For over ten years, she has led interdisciplinary research teams in their data collection and analysis. Her projects have included innovative research in pain in infants and adolescents, interprofessional team communication, program evaluation in collaborative leadership and early childhood education.

Allia completed her undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education and her Master’s in Human Development and Education at the University of Toronto. She has worked at the University Health Network and the Hospital for Sick Children over the duration of her research career.

Allia’s other full-time position is as a mother of 3 young children.

email: allia.karim@reserca.ca

Laura, Research Associate

Laura is an incredibly talented writer with qualitative research expertise. She brings attention to detail and is skilled at conducting interviews, both individually and in group settings. We are lucky to have her on our team.

Dorothy, Research Associate

Dorothy brings a positive attitude and energy to our company. She has 10 years of experience working on a variety of health research-related projects in academic settings. She is skilled in both qualitative and quantitative methods. She designs surveys and interview protocols with ease. She is always ready to jump in and support urgent needs when it comes to data analysis or even conducting interviews and focus groups. She is a remarkable member of our team. We are fortunate to work with her amazing talent.

Jeff, Biostatistician

Jeff is an invaluable collaborator with our team. He is a team player who is ready to take on any challenge, in any situation. He is always ready to meet some of our most demanding timelines. Jeff easily works with statistics, performing univariate or multivariate stats, managing large datasets, cleaning data and running exploratory statistics. We do not know what we would do without him!