Fantastic work with the Lung Health Foundation

We have been so privileged to work with the Lung Health Foundation to evaluate the utility of their newly developed Spirometry Interpretation Guide. They are exceptional leaders in the field of lung-related diseases and we couldn’t have been more proud of our collaborative efforts.

A great start to 2020

We are starting 2020 with a focus on evaluation! We are currently working with several organizations to evaluate the important offerings of several programs within UHN and the University of Toronto. So far, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!

A Collaboration with Ipsos Healthcare

We had the opportunity to collaborate with Ipsos Healthcare to delve into improving patient support programs to better serve clients and families. It was a meaningful look at how qualitative and quantitative data can generate powerful feedback to improve service delivery.

Contributing to the community

This year, one of our goals is to participate in more community-building activities. We were so fortunate to be a part of the “After the bell” initiative with Food Banks Canada. We spent a wonderful day with many other organizations, preparing 100,000 food packs for children across Canada. We hope to do this again next year!

Looking forward to 2019!

We are off to a great start for 2019. In 2018, much of our research focused on medical education. We provided research support to some incredible study investigators who are working hard to improve how we train our future health professionals. One study that made the news was the development of an educational program in which breast cancer patients served as teachers to medical students to deepen the understanding of the patient journey.

In 2019, much of our work will be focused on exciting studies in cancer research. We are looking at ways to improve follow-up care for patients who have been screened for rectal cancer. We are also looking at how to monitor patients with rectal cancer in less invasive ways, without compromising survival rates.

In breast cancer research, we want to examine how we can improve communication between specialists and family physicians to ensure we are offering the best patient care possible.

And this is just the beginning for us! We look forward to sharing more updates soon!

SCHOOLfirst project: Enabling successful return-to-learn for Canadian youth following a concussion

We are very grateful to work with one of the inspiring teams at Holland Bloorview on the SCHOOLfirst project, focusing on concussion management. Allia was excited to be at the press conference to hear the official announcement of the government’s funding and support for this important study. We have met with students, teachers, and parents to learn from their concussion experiences and how these events have impacted their lives. Our study participants have generously taken the time to make recommendations to improve concussion management protocol, going forward.…/government_of_canadaannouncessuppor…

Critical reflection: an important practice

More and more studies are seeking to explore the value of critical reflection as an important practice for health professionals, across all disciplines. We are excited to be a part of some of these wonderful studies underway at St. Mike’s!

Here are some of the fantastic projects we are working on right now


  1. We are thrilled to support UHN and Holland Bloorview create a theory of the impact of clinical interprofessional education. Stay tuned for the outcome, coming soon!
  2. Concussions have garnered a lot of attention in the media, from kids in sports to professional athletes in soccer, football, hockey, and lacrosse, to name a few. We are working with Holland Bloorview to look at the utility of a concussion protocol for students returning to the classroom, post-concussion diagnosis.
  3. We learned how innovation happens in a rehabilitative hospital setting and to use this knowledge to help other organizations understand how to build their own culture of innovation.

Our workshops are a success!

I am so proud of the Reserca Team for leading such great workshops at SickKids and Sunnybrook Hospital! As I reflect on all we have accomplished since last year, I am encouraged by all the positive feedback, support and interest we have received from our participants.

In the course of offering our educational services, we discovered that there was strong interest from the research community in learning the fundamentals of research. With so many young minds beginning their careers, busy institutions need assistance in developing the skills and nurturing the talents of their members.

I was energized by one participant who told me that she found our workshop on research interviews to be extremely useful. She had never conducted an interview, and was nervous that she did not have the ability to lead interviews with a sensitive patient population. I was glad when she told me that the checklist we provided helped her immensely in adopting a structured approach to her interviews. Stories like this is why we love to help organizations train and develop their staff.

We take our workshop feedback seriously, and we constantly adjust content and develop topics that provide meaningful and applicable learning experiences to our clients and participants.

Our team is excited about our next workshop this Wednesday, March 1st about “Data management 101” at SickKids. This topic was so popular that registration was completely full the first day it was posted!

We look forward to expanding these education workshops to other organizations this year.